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What does ABBA have to do with Australia? – part 5/5

Another dawn. We live. No zombies appeared or anyone shot us. Time, as usual, chases the ride. After 20 km we already know what the sign „road closed” meant. A regular river flows across the road! Everywhere before, there were depth markers at the recesses and not here. Dammit. All possible doubts are included.

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Is the water deep? Are there holes in the way? Are there stones on the route? And what will happen if the car will stand in the middle and the current will push us deeper? How to leave the car in such a situation, when crocodiles can lurk around? There was only one alternative. Turn 600 km. We are cossack, so we enter the water. A moment of fear and we are on the other side. Whoo. At that moment, we were reminded of the satellite phone advertisement. This damn thing can come in handy, because the GSM range could only be dreamed through the entire route. We do not even try to imagine what would happen if it were pouring all night. We would probably be imprisoned between two rivers without food and contact for the world.

The goal of the day is to reach the Kakadu National Park. Skrome 1000 km, like every day. This time, without any surprises and adventures, we reach the place.

The next day starts with a boat trip over the backwaters. We admire crocodiles and birds. Everything would be great if it were not for those damned flies. You can get crazy. Waving my arms, I almost drop my glasses into the water. The guide informs us that in the upcoming rainy season, the water level will rise up to several meters. The place is impressive. We could not miss here.

A few dozen kilometers further, we visit the Aboriginal sacred place – Ubirr Rock, where you can admire drawings on the rocks that were created even 15,000 years ago. At this moment, we realize that Mieszko I was baptized only 1,000 years ago. We are a bit far from these Aborigines.

The last point of the day – jumping crocodiles. Luckily on the way to Darwin. The attraction is that by swimming a boat on the river one of the guides hangs on the rod a piece of meat, which is then attacked by a crocodile who jumps high in the water to catch meat. These crocodiles are pretty big bastards. Falling from a boat, a man has no chance of survival.

Australian adventure is coming to an end. For 5 days we managed to see a lot of attractions, experience a few adventures and happily ride 5,200 km.

At the end of the whole trip, we visit Tasmania. With almost 40 degrees in Darwin it gets 10 degrees and pours. This time our plans are less ambitious: see penguins, platypus and Tasmanian devil! In addition to seeing the platypus, the plan is implemented.

By the way, we’re able to taste Australian cuisine on a truly world-class level.

Everything good must end sometime. We return home in one piece, enjoying that in many situations we have had more luck than brains.

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– Dariusz Skrocki

Poznan lawyer, passionate about sports and traveling. A dozen or so years he practiced horse riding, winning medals in regional and national competitions. Currently an avid triathlete. By 2017 he completed 26 triathlon competitions at different distances. Pursuing his travel passion, he visited all continents except Antarctica.

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