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What does ABBA have to do with Australia? – part 3/5

Wake up as usual at dawn. Today we have only to visit Karijini National Park. We know that we will admire the gorge in the red rocks and the waterfall. Place as described. No doubt worth a visit. Only those damned flies and 40 degrees with a full lamp. It’s good to have a hat and a bottle of water.

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It’s nice, but in the end there must be a „mount up” command. We have to travel like every day 1000 km. The ABBY album purchased in Stockholm is useful, which will accompany us throughout the entire journey and which will be listened more than once.

On the way, there are signs of „Flood Road” with depth gauges up to 4 m. They bend them or whatever. Everywhere dry, not a drop of water. We choose the destination campsite. Looking at the map ambitiously but to do. We are wrong. Not the first time, anyway. In truth, we’ve almost succeeded, and as we know, „almost” makes a big difference. It turned out that the campsite can only enter until 19 o’clock. We were 20 minutes later, but even though the campsite was completely out of the way, the owner said that he would not accept the belated guests, because that is the rules. It’s hard to argue with the rules, so we’re flying further. In the dark of course. Fortunately, after 50 kilometers, we find a gas station with a place for campers. Obviously closed. After all, in the dark in Australia no normal person is traveling. Fortunately, the gate is not locked again. We have long since starved to eat, so some cold wins bought in the morning must suffice. We even have the option of connecting to electricity. The battery is charged so you will not need to drink a warm wine tomorrow 🙂

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– Dariusz Skrocki

Poznan lawyer, passionate about sports and traveling. A dozen or so years he practiced horse riding, winning medals in regional and national competitions. Currently an avid triathlete. By 2017 he completed 26 triathlon competitions at different distances. Pursuing his travel passion, he visited all continents except Antarctica.

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