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The Caribbean – sailing paradise ⛵

Where is the best place to rest with family and friends? Living in a hotel, we lose the chance to get to know many beautiful places. The solution might be to charter a yacht in „sailing paradise”, meaning in the Caribbean.

Splash of waves overboard, calming azure of the sea and the magical world of coral reefs. Hot nights on board under the starry sky and lonely musing on the stern.

After descent to the land, hot sand underfoot and rest under the palm trees. In the package, we receive distance from tourists, civilizations and wi-fi. That is a guarantee of complete relaxation.

Our adventure we started at the end of the old and for a good start of the new one by renting a sailing yacht (catamaran) in Martinique. An island that combines the charm of France with the sensuality of the Caribbean.

From the first moments we let ourselves be seduced by the amazing atmosphere and cheerful attitude of its residents. The smile does not come off theirs, thanks to which also from our faces. Joyful „Merry Christmas” we hear at every step. We have no doubts, the inhabitants of the Caribbean are poor, but happy.

We start the cruise with shopping at the local market. Fresh exotic fruits, fish and seafood, whose prices are in most cases lower than in Poland.

The so-called floating seller also encourages shopping. The trade the so-called „boat to boat”.

We pack everything on a boat and head south towards Tobago Cays (the southern part of the Caribbean).

We pass the islands with perfectly white beaches and palms, mostly volcanic. Embedded by tropical forests and wild growing fruit. Each of them is different, shaped by nature and history.

Small islands, known for advertising, which can only accommodate our yacht’s crew. Among them, this wonderful Mapion Island, surrounded by a coral reef, the hallmark of which is the umbrella visible from a distance.

There is also an island with a wrecked ship.

In the famous Basil’s Bar on Mustique we drank a drink sitting next to Mick Jagger himself. On private Caribbean islands, you can go down to the beach and visit the bars located on them.

We sailed to Tobago Cays Islands. They are heavenly, uninhabited islands surrounded by a coral reef. They are all part of the Tobago Cays Marine Park nature reserve, where you can swim with turtles. Amazingly beautiful views and a guarantee of unearthly impressions.


Film from diving, with a turtle in the lead role

On one of the islands we discovered an inactive volcano with a steam of 160 degrees coming out of it.

Taking this opportunity, we visited a beautifully situated local thermal bath.

Of course, at every step we were impressed by the amazing fauna and flora.

Iguana basking in the sunshine.

The islands have not only a unique climate and architecture, but also an original way of road communication.

We are also a witness of the local wedding ceremony.

The town with the largest number of churches made a huge impression on us with its picturesque location.

The place and way of baking tapioca bread was a real rarity for us. It is amazing in what conditions the entire production process takes place. And the taste of bread is priceless.

On New Year’s Eve, we enter the Port of Elisabeth on the island of Bequia (under St. Vincent). We welcome the New Year with dinner and champagne on board.

Crystalline water, virgin jungle, volcanoes, waterfalls, the most beautiful beaches and bays in the world.

Oriental fruits and seafood, meals prepared and celebrated together.

Full relaxation and rest during a two-week sailing holiday under paradise.

The only problem is how to get back to reality after all this 😉

– Jan Kondratowicz

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