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Tenerife with a little different side

The beautiful Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, the ocean, the volcano, the wonderful climate for twelve months of the year, great mountains, interesting landscapes, full relaxation, adventure … I have not seen the hotel beach or the promenade yet. I was also not shopping.

But I rode a bus with a bicycle on my lap. I’ve probably made my longest bike ride. Only uphill 21 km, 1500 m increase. Along the way, I encountered the most beautiful places that will always remain in my memory.

Trying to stop at snapping a photo, and then going uphill, would not be the best idea. I was driving serpentine with a slope of 16%, and the views were breathtaking with the power of x100.

The wonderful climate of the island works like a magnet all year round. From the volcanic lunar landscape of the Teide National Park (the highest mountain in Spain) to exciting resorts in the south.

Tenerife is filled with beautiful coast, mountains, and gold beaches. It has two World Heritage sites: the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna and the Teide National Park, and 42 natural protected areas. And all this on one island, literally at your fingertips…

When you ride a bicycle high above the clouds and are alone with yours thoughts and breathtaking views, and the silence is disturbed only by accelerated breathing and the noise of circles … When tourists traveling by bus open the window and clap in appreciation, then you can be very proud of yourself. You came here by bike! Chapeau bass!

Regardless of whether you are only interested in spending time actively, clubbing, relaxing on the beach, interesting nature, discovering typical Canarian villages, culture, events or cable car on Teide, Tenerife is the perfect place to do it.

And in addition, I swam on the most beautiful pool, under the sun of Tenerife.

– Monika Polkowska

A psychologist by education. She loves sport, traveling, and her husband with all her heart, who shares her sports passions with her. In less than 5 months, in her round birthday, a participant of full IRONMAN in Australia. On a daily basis, she and her husband run a company and train intensively. She uses her free time for travel. Together they have already visited all continents except Antarctica.









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