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Taiwanese night market – part 2/2

I could write and write about night markets but today I would like to stay at the catering area. So what is worth trying and what are the local delicacies?

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First of all, all kinds of soups „ramen” – our little broth. A miracle, honey and nuts!

When it comes to main dishes, my personal number one was kalmar. Usually pounded whole on a stick. When we order it, it is fried for a while in deep oil, after which the chef cuts it with scissors into small pieces, puts it into a mug and it cares for the taste of spices at our discretionn. Heaven in mouth!

If you want to combine food with entertainment, you can serve your taste buds with „stinky tofu”, literally stinking tofu.

Certainly your nostrils as well as people around you will also feel this unearthly smell.

In short, it is fermented tofu, which is further fried, so the concentration of the aroma, which is compared to decaying corpses, is conquered to an even higher level. I tried and I live! Apparently one of the most smelly dishes in the world.

When it comes to drinking, you must try „bubble tea”, or tea with gel balls. I especially recommend „Oolong milk bubble tea”. The ideal taste will be when we choose 50% sugar and the average amount of ice. Yes, when ordering this drink, we can accurately determine the level of sugar and ice that will satisfy us. There are plenty of flavors, of course, but this is probably the most popular and actually delicious.

There is a whole bunch of Taiwanese flavors. It is also worth to taste the Taiwanese hot dog, all kinds of dumplings, whether baked or steamed, you can try frog eggs and even hundred-year-old eggs.

I will just add that being there for a month, I never once felt the satiation with local food. I could not even try all the delicacies I spotted during the trip.

Apparently, I will have to go back to this magical island!

– Łukasz Trusz

Telecommunication and media engineer. He loves to visit places, take pictures, tastes new things and looking for his place on Earth while traveling. Photos and his impressions are shared on the blog www.zPodrozy.pl

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