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Real life in Bali – part 3/5

But let’s go back to Pemuteran. I mentioned earlier about temples. Here is full of them. Almost near every property, at every house. From the tiny to this largest, true northern pearl Bali Pura Pulaki with ubiquitous monkeys.

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And my favorite, located in the mountains at an altitude of 700 m. It offers a wonderful view of the whole of Pemuteran and the bay. I watch sunrises and sunsets from there. And I look from the mountains on the houses of my friends.

In November I had the pleasure to participate in the religious celebration of Galungan. Bali is decorated then. Temples look insanely. They are dressed with colorful umbrellas, fabrics, ornaments from palm leaves and flowers. The streets are equally beautiful. If you are visiting Bali, it is during these major holidays.

Balinese people love to celebrate. There are always be a good opportunity, and in their calendar there are over 200 holidays. Birthdays, weddings, various family ceremonies – a reason for meeting and having fun. Just like in our culture. Only I have the impression that there are definitely more of these opportunities than in our country.

My first ceremony for which I was invited by Nilla was the cremation of the corpse of a neighbor who died a few days earlier. I will never forget that day. My idea of ​​this ceremony and reality were two complete extremes. Across Pemuteran then trundled a cluster of people dressed in traditional colorful clothing.

By the music of the gongs, carried in their hands, the gifts on their heads led the deceased to the clearing on the seashore. There was a ritual cremation there. A small pile in the middle of the clearing under the big palms. And nothing more.

Later the ashes were collected, placed in a cremation tower and poured out into the bay. I looked at everything stunned. No crying, no lament, just social meeting.

Colorful balloons, a mobile eatery with food and drinks. A guy selling cheap sunglasses. Gossip, gossip, but all with full respect for the deceased. Different world.

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– Agnieszka Ruda

Economist by profession, firmly embedded in numbers, “absorber” of books and a fan of good music. She has been traveling constantly since 2010. In 2017, finally found her place in the world – the Indonesian island of BALI.

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