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Oman – oasis of peace in the Middle East

Although it is a one-color desert-mountainous country with poor plant cover, it is worth visiting it for exceptional landscapes and space. Located on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, it has extensive beaches and impressive coral reefs. Diversified thanks to the high mountain range located in the north – Al Jabal al Akhdar, and to the south west of the Zufar upland.

Wadi Shab is the most delightful. An amazing oasis located in a canyon amidst high rocks. Imagine a dried canyon of a periodic river, surrounded by palm trees, crystalline-blue water holes, underwater caves, and picturesque rocks all around. You can not imagine it, look at the pictures, and then book your next holiday in Oman 🙂

Most tourists arriving on the Arabian Peninsula choose Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but nothing matches the landscapes of Oman. There are no skyscrapers, tourist centers of typical „arabic city”. And luxurious hotels and modern buildings are not overwhelming and allow to preserve the true character of the country, which is the place connecting the Orient, Asia and Africa. Although the current Sultan Kabus ibn Sa’id spends billions of dollars on tourism development.

However, the greatest experience in this country is accommodation in the middle of the Wahiby desert. An archetypal place with dunes of crystalline sand in color from white to dark sepia. Presenting itself exactly like in adventure movies, where the heroes travel miles in search of water. Of course you can rent a jeep, although it is better in this case to take an Oman guide, a driver who will get us out of trouble in the event of getting stuck in the dunes, because this type of travel is not the easiest one.

Sunrises and sunsets are really magical in the desert, and nights illuminated with stars in a blissful silence with the possibility of hearing your own thoughts, will always remain in mind.

Oman is very safe and remains in the first place of the country without coups. There is ibadytyzm, the most moderate faction of Islam, and the sultan does not interfere in the struggles between Shiites and Sunnis while remaining neutral.
The country open to tourists, but very respectful of its everyday authenticity and traditions.

The real climate here is created by the sea and the desert, the smell of fish and ancient incense.
The Al Hoota cave, estimated at more than 2 million years, is also impressive, at the foot of Jabal Shams, in the Al Hamra district. This is the first and only show cave in the Persian Gulf region, accessible to the general public. Worth seeing is also the Grand Canyon located in the Hajar Mountains, at the foot of the highest peak of the Jebel Shams range and abandoned cities consisting of houses built of mud bricks or palm leaves.

– Bartosz Pawlak

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