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Naturally perfect Seychelles

Friends told me that a trip to Seychelles is pure abstraction. I made a quick decision and personally checked the place known for beautiful ads.

Very aesthetic and naturally perfect, where the granite rock formations resemble sculptures, and the blue of the ocean is the blueest of the blue. And this blindingly white sand with the consistency of powdered sugar.

I also managed to realize the dream of cycling on an exotic beach.

A feeling of delight accompanied me for over two weeks of holidays in the Seychelles. Immediately after the arrival, I visited Praslin. The second largest island of the Archipelago with the Cote d’Ore beach, which became my starting point. It is the only place in the world where unique Coco de Mer palm trees grow with fruits with unusual shapes of women’s buttocks.

Thanks to my rental bike, I could spend time on another beach every day. Each of them delighted me with perfectly shaped rocks, serenity and elegance. Every day I passed happy and constantly smiling people. Once, passing by a beautiful and empty beach, I cried with happiness. I wish everyone to have the opportunity to experience this feeling 🙂

Seychelles is an island state, each of which is different and delightful. Beside Praslin, uninhabited and as if combed out of St.Michele’s water. The island of La Dique with the most beautiful beach in the world Anse Source d’Argent and the wild beach Grand Ance.

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at the home and the studio of the local painter. Drinking coffee with her on the terrace built on the turquoise lagoon. Cousine, is another island with animals that are not afraid of humans, and birds can basically be petted when they are sitting on the branches.

In the evenings, blissful and calm.

With local boat owners you can arrange trips to the surrounding islands and places where you can only reach from the ocean side.

Residents live here peacefully and happily.

Tropical vegetation, picturesque coves with beautiful beaches and turquoise water are the dream scenery for an unforgettable holiday. There are not many places that I would like to return to, and there are so many interesting things in the world that I would like to see. Seychelles are the exception.


I hope that once again I will ride by bicycle on white sand, on one of the Seychelles’ heavenly beaches.

– Ewa Andrychiewicz


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