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My first day on Maui started early because at 5 in the morning. I went to the balcony, sat in an armchair and started the day with morning meditation.

I heard the waves, the hum of the morning tropical rain with occasional talking birds and a gentle breeze. I will remember these moments as one of the most soothing in my whole life so far.

I was about to start my trip to Han, the first settlement on Maui. This expedition is for me a metaphor of life: the goal is not important but the way. The road to Han is winding, covered with tropical forest, dotted with streams and waterfalls, leads through black, rocky beaches forming charming bays, circles through golden, sandy beaches full of sea turtles and surfers catching waves.

– Paweł Kalinowski

Paweł, an IT Manager on a daily basis, calls home a place where he sleeps. Being a child, he traveled with his finger on the map and now realizes dreams traveling around the world. He likes to get to know new flavors and shares them on Instagram: @urbantrailblazers.

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