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  • Ania & Arek MyiNaszePodroze.pl / NORWEGIA

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Ania & Arek MyiNaszePodroze.pl / NORWEGIA

An ordinary family living in Norway for 20 years. Every day, they work running thier own company and in a free time they go where their legs will carry… Their passion is traveling, meeting new places, mountaineering, fishing, cooking and photography … Norway has inspired them to explore every corner and other parts of the world … They love Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal … For them traveling is like breathing without which you can not live. More is on thiers blog https://myinaszepodroze.pl

"Norway is our home, it's a place where we gladly returning...

… this is the miracle of nature after which we tread, it is a unique country, raw, wild with a beautiful and unique nature that has stolen our hearts long ago.

Norway is a beautiful land with a thousand fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, beautiful mountains, and Lofots our favorite place to which we often escape, where the sun does not set in the summer, and the air tastes different. You can wander, swim, admire, ride a bike or just sit and do nothing. It’s a great place for holidays at any time of the year.”

– Ania & Arek MyiNaszePodroze.pl