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Between the blue Adriatic and the limestone Srd hill

Croatia is a small country with a unique diversity of cultures, landscapes and flavors.

It’s primarily two thousand wonderful coast with a thousand islets scattered on the sea. The beach is at least five times as much.

There are many cities and wonderful national parks to visit. However, you can not leave Croatia without seeing the historic and picturesque port city of Dubrovnik.

Full of stunning architecture and sculptural details. The main attraction of Dubrovnik is the charming old town, designed exclusively for pedestrians, full of aristocratic buildings and elegant Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, located in solid medieval fortifications.


To that is beach, virgin sea, restaurants serving the highest quality seafood, elegant five-star hotels and sports facilities.

Now, after the Yugoslavian Wars, Dubrovnik is once again an elegant place and a magnet for celebrities. That’s why you can meet people like Beyoncé, Roman Abramovich, Sir Roger Moore and Bob Geldof. What’s more, the Old Town of Dubrovnik was a popular filming location in recent years. The Game of Thrones series and the Star Wars: Episode VIII movie were shot in Dubrovnik.

Między Adriatykiem a wzgórzem Srd - Chorwacja - nasza organizacja wyjazdu incentive travel

author: Agnieszka Nowak
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