Od 18 czerwca 2012 jesteśmy strategicznym partnerem TUI Poland w organizowaniu wyjazdów Incentive Travel

An adventure in the south of Europe

Integration trips, and above all returning groups of clients are a source of great satisfaction for us.

One of the incentive travel groups during her stay in the south of Europe lived in the Riu Guarana Hotel, near one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal – Praia de Falésia.

All participants will remember for a long time the visit to Lisbon, rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and thus for the „obligatory” point of visiting Portugal.

Numerous monuments and historic buildings resemble history, and the beautiful streets and shops in the new part of the city invite to walks. While crossing the impressive bridge „25. April „(the largest suspension bridge in Europe) is the fantastic panorama of the capital of Portugal.

First, a coach tour of the city took place, during which everyone could look at the most important monuments, such as the monastery of Hieronim (Convento dos Jeronimos), where there is a sarcophagus of the famous sailor and discoverer Vasco da Gama.

Participants of the integration trip also saw the Torre Belem fortified tower, which is the symbol of Lisbon and the Monument to the Discoveries. And free time, you could use, for example, to travel on the famous Lisbon tram lines 12 or 28 passing through the old town, admiring the panorama from Santa Justa or walk around the promenade.

Portugal is not only the sea, beaches and beautiful cliffs. It is worth seeing the wooded, volcanic range of the Serra de Monchique, whose peaks form a natural border between the resorts of the Algarve and the plains of Alentejo. Passing the village of Monchique on the way, the participants of the group trip went to the highest hill of the Algarve (Pico da Foia 902 m), from which they admired the wonderful panorama.

In the city of Lagos, the group visited the square of Henryk Żeglarza with the baroque church dedicated to Saint. Antoni, which is indicated by the inscription on azulejos.

From the port of Lagos, an unusual boat trip took place along the coast of Lagos and Ponta da Piedade in the Barlavento region of the Algarve. The group watched the rock formations and the hidden caves from the center picturesquely situated in the blue of Ocean. From the sea they could admire the amazing views of the Portuguese beaches.

A further trip took place to Sagres, to the Cape of S.Vicente (Cape Saint Vincent), the southernmost point in Europe. The cape was the „Promontorium Sacrum” of the Romans, who considered him the end of the world. In the Middle Ages, the Cape became a place of pilgrimage.

After a short break in the photos and admiring the views, the group came back to taste the further attractions of the Riu Guarana hotel.

author: Robert Nowak
Incentive Travel Manager and TPP Travel Expert
contact him: robert.nowak@travelpp.dkonto.pl

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