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Alaska stop

Alaska – the largest US state which is entitled to huge obeisance! I will be always associate its with spectacular nature and phenomena, glaciers, aurora, high mountains, fishing for salmon, bear cubs…

…with reindeers and whales, Santa Claus, fresh air, colorful autumn, openness and easy going people. We made the decision about the trip to Alaska spontaneously after watching the movie „Into the Wild”, which gave us food for thinking not only about the US state, but also about responsible travel.

The trip to Alaska brought many emotions, reflections and adrenaline. My view of the world has changed thanks to the expedition to this region of the United States. Traveling in Alaska, we realize how people live, far from any civilization, what is the population of this state and what impact we have on the degradation of what nature has created, I mean melting glaciers or rare species of animals, or very low numbers salmon, which declines every year.

What to see in Alaska and how to travel?

Ketchikan and Juneau, which you can get to by ferry. North Pole and Fairbanks, where you can catch aurora in the season. Denali National Park, Anchorage, Kenai, Ninilchik, Homer, Seward, Anchorage (vicinity), Chicken.

Travel by car or van will surely bring a lot of emotions and will allow you to reach many places, although hitchhiking around Alaska can also be an interesting experience and thanks to that you will get to know many interesting personalities

Is it worth camping in Alaska?

Of course! Beautiful views in the morning guaranteed. The best season to visit Alaska are the months from June to the end of September, when you will be able to admire summer and autumn.

The Alaska landscape is incredibly diverse, from forests to high mountains. From the oceans to post-glacial lakes. Fjords, glaciers, rivers, tundra…

There are unique places on this planet and it is certainly Alaska!


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