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A real chillout in Tulum

Spending a vacation on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, as part of a day trip, it is worth going to the ruins of the city of the ancient Mayan civilization in Tulum. 

It is definitely one of the most charming places and a quiet seaside resort. Away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the wild crowd, you can count on a real rest here. Chillout in harmony with nature!

Prawdziwy chillout w Tulum - wakacyjne wyjazdy firmowe

After visiting the ruins, the best idea is to swim in the sea and rest on long, white and sandy beaches. In Tulum, both residents and visitors from all over the world relax. It is valued above all for calmness, a refreshing breeze and an extremely soothing sea. Such a tiny piece of the Caribbean paradise on the Mexican peninsula.

If not for history, it is worth coming here for the itself view. Dark gray, ancient ruins look great against the background of the palm-lined beach and incredibly turquoise water. Even on cloudy days the view is unearthly!

Iguana’s film

Iguana’s and coati’s film

A real fortress surrounded in the past by defense walls on three sides, and from the fourth side by the Caribbean Sea. It was also the main gate connecting the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico with the Maya people of Honduras and modern Central America.

Today, the city is one of the best preserved complexes of Mayan temples. Its main part, the castle „El Castillo” is located on the top of a cliff just above a small sandy beach. The original name of the city of Zamá, translates as „The place of the rising sun”. In the old days it was an excellent observation point and a great place to worship one of the most important – the god of the sun.

Film of ancient Mayan city ruins_1

Film of ancient Mayan city ruins_2

Film of ancient Mayan city ruins_3

The surroundings of Tulum and its attractions can also be explored by bicycle. This is a very convenient way, significantly improving the feeling temperature. Bikes are available in most hotels and in the very center of the town. You can reach the Mayan ruins with a bike path, while to Gran Cenote or Paraiso beach you can follow the road. The most seasoned lovers of two wheels can get to Coby (about 47 km from Tulum).


Avocado, beef, seafood, red beans, corn, tortilla, nachos, chilli … apart from traditional Mexican cuisine in restaurants and beach bars, you should also try local margaritas.


Cabanas tiny boutique hotels located along the coast surrounded by beautiful tropical vegetation and climatic coves. Overnight in them can be a great adventure 😉

Beach at the hotel „cabanas” film

Tulum is a perfect combination of total relaxation, peace and isolation, but also the possibility of day-long activities.



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