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Ula Ruszajznami.com / TRÓJWIEŚ BESKIDZKA

They travel, visit, look for interesting places in the composition of 2 + 3, not moving in principle across Poland, and describe their adventures on www.ruszajznami.com and www.facebook.com/ruszajznami

"Trójwieś Beskidzka, namely Istebna, Jaworzynka and Koniaków, is a place where we have been coming back for years and we will come back, we just were charmed by these villages picturesquely scattered on the gentle slopes of the Silesian Beskids.

Koniaków, apart from world-famous laces, offers a beautiful panorama of the Silesian Beskids, Żywiec, Little Fatra and Tatra Mountains, with the towering over the village of Ochodzita, as well as meetings with pastoral culture, its traditions and flavors at the Pastoral Center. From Jaworzynka, you can „jump” to your neighbors for a moment, here the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet (the so-called Triangle of Borders), and in Istebna feel the climate of the highest mountains in the world in the Memorial Room of Jerzy Kukuczka, a small museum full of memorabilia of the famous climber led by his wife. In Istebna you can also see the world’s largest, entered into the Guinness Book of Records, Koniaków Crown, look into the Kawuloka Cottage, or a real hen’s cottage, feel the adrenaline rush in Istebna BaseCamp, explore the Silesian Beskids, its flora and fauna, in the Forest Center Ecological Education to later move to picturesque tourist routes, which are not lacking in the area. For the lovers of delicious food waiting inn and elegant restaurants serving simple local dishes, but also more elaborate dishes, and for lovers of white madness, cross-country trails and ski slopes…”

– Ula Ruszajznami.com