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Sylwia Got Lost / OMAN

A traveler who lives in the Persian Gulf, who on Instagram @SylwiaGotLost shows the Arab world from the inside. A devotee of little-known countries, currently in love with Oman. She lived in Brazil, Ecuador and Canada. Fate brushed her prank and landed in the desert in the heart of Arabia. He runs a travel project „Sylwia Got Lost”, where he encourages everyone to dare and travel. He loves to make a video on Youtube, fly a drone and pack suitcases. She began to write a doctorate on post-tourism and authenticity on the trip, but instead of sitting in the library, she would rather be on her way.

"Oman is real, it is a country virtually unspoilt developming of tourist market and I love it for that.

Do not get me wrong, there are also great hotels, fantastic motorways, airports and excellent museums.

The Ottomans are extremely helpful. If you break the car on the road and there is an Omańczyk nearby, he will throw what he is doing at the moment and will help you, and then he will call all his family and town and they will help repair your car. They will help you with fresh dactyls dipped in Tahina [sesame paste] and aromatic coffee with cardamom. They will invite you to your home and you will probably stay there for a week.

Oman, despite the fact that it lies in the desert, abounds in amazing landscapes. This is where we have the Grand Canyon of the Arabian Peninsula, Jabel Shams [Arab. Mount Sun], Machu Picchu of Arabia, or Jabel Akhdar [Arab. Zielona Góra], where the slopes of the mountains are covered with terraces of roses and pomegranates.

Turquoise pools in the rocks at Wadi Shab and the Arabic equivalent of the Mexican Cenotes, or Bimmah Sinkhol. There is even a place that once a year, when the summer monsoon strikes, turns into a jungle practically, it is a mystical and very distant Salalah.”

– Sylwia Got Lost