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For 11 years, he has been faithful to his life motto that work should be a nice break in free time. That is why he performs both work and free time with passion and pleasure. From time to time, he tries to see and discover something new. The last were: New Zealand, Madagascar and Chile …

"Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is one of the eight wonders of the world.

Its name means „Blue towers”, because the central point of the park is the Paine massif, whose peaks resemble high (2800 m.n.p.m) buildings with a bluish shade. Over the background of the Patagonian steppes they look fabulous. On the first day we did a training at the lake at the foot of Torres del Paine so-called Base Torres and it was only 32 km. For those who have time, there is also a 4-day version of the route W and 7-8 days after the route O. Names come from the shape of the route, unfortunately you need to have a previously reserved place in the shelters. The second day was a touring trip at the foot of Torres del Paine and numerous surrounding glacial lakes, including Lake Gray (gray), in the distance you can see glacier lakes. An interesting fact is that this glacier is on the same mountain massif that we’ll see later in Argentina, the Perito Moreno glacier. Apparently, every year park’s border crossing 250,000 people, half of them are people from all over the world.”

– Piotr z Poznania