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Patrycja & Daniel & Blanka Szupke / THAILAND

A family of enthusiasts positively oriented towards the world and people. Every free time they devoted to their passion of travel. 2013 was a breakthrough year because it was then that they decided to travel on their own. Since 2016, they have been running the blog with the finger on the map „Stop dreaming, start working”, whose main task is to inspire others to travel @podrozePalcempomapie

"A trip to Asia was our big dream, we read and reviewed various information about countries in south-east Asia and we choosed Thailand

Thailand is the perfect place for the first independent trip to Asia. Friendly and eternally smiling people, well-developed communication (railways, airplanes, buses) allow you to travel this beautiful country in a very easy way.
The mix we found there makes a stunning impression. Of course, the best thing about this beautiful country is the street kitchen, which serves delicious food, remember that Thailand is also wild jungles in the north, beautiful landscapes and paradise islands in the south and hundreds, not thousands of temples scattered around the country.
Until recently, we started from the assumption that we do not visit the same places twice, after Thailand we have a slightly different opinion ?”