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Ola Zyciewturkusie.pl / NEW YORK

Every day a medical student, about a traveling heart and an artistic soul. It is strongly believed that with the end of determination, a dream. She travels actively, preferably with a backpack or panniers by bike. Mandatory with the camera at your side. The goal of „Życia w turkusie” is to inspire others to cover the world, the distant one, and the adolescent. It is important to always have time to get acquainted with the moment and be able to appreciate the moment caught!

"Before leaving for New York, I dreamed about a picnic on the grass in Central Park or a photo with the Statue of Liberty, just like millions of other tourists immortalize that I really was there.

But New York is not famous skyscrapers, bridges and yellow taxis. It’s chills flowing on the back of your neck when you’re standing in the center of Union Square. You feel that the rhythm of this big city, which accepts everyone as it is and offers him an infinite number of attractions and possibilities, penetrates into your interior. From now on you will always identify with this place, you become a New Yorker in your own way.
New York quickly ceases to be a plan from well-known films or a picture from numerous photo wallpapers. It begins to be a mosaic created of always helpful and smiling people who, though diverse, can respect each other and be open to otherness, unknown tastes of cusine from the farthest corners of the globe, urban art that can surprise with its many faces and inventions, billions of hypnotizing lights the next entering the terrace in the Empire State Building or the architecture in which the dignity of the 30s and raw industrialism are mixed up.
„Everything is New York” – this is the most literal and true description of the Big Apple. And for the experience of „all this” I will always be happy to return there.”

 – Ola Zyciewturkusie.pl