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Ola & Maciek / MYANMAR

They met at work, where they were jointly responsible for the production of films and advertising sessions. A long journey and escape from the daily rush had been going on both of them for a long time. So they decided to use the doubled power and in October 2016 they set off in the 3-year TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD! They move mainly hitchhiking, sleep under a tent and in local homes, because as they say – they love to explore the world from this perspective. During the trip, they describe and photograph their adventures and the most interesting themes.

You will find out more on: www.lifepackers.com | www.facebook.com/lifepackers | www.instagram.com/lifepackers

"Myanmar deserves a special place in our hearts, and this is really because of ... an amazing coincidence.

How could one accidental meeting with a local man make our feet stand in a place where a white man was supposedly never seen before ?! This story sounds quite unbelievable and probably we would listen to it with a pinch of salt, and yet ? In our wildest dreams we did not dream that we would meet representatives of the Kayaw tribe in such circumstances. That we will get there at all, because until recently, these areas were completely inaccessible to tourists. Not only that, there was no electricity or even a road there. But as you can see – and we confirm it – 'impossible does not exist!’. You really have to believe it very much. We are grateful to fate for what happened to us. ”

– Ola & Maciek