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Monika Polkowska / SYDNEY

A psychologist by education. She loves sport, traveling, and her husband with all her heart, who shares her sports passions with her. In a moment, in her round birthday, a participant of full IRONMAN in Australia. On a daily basis, she and her husband run a company and train intensively. She uses her free time for travel. Together they have already visited all continents except Antarctica.

"On the east side of one of the largest beaches in Sydney - Bondi Beach, there is a large swimming pool - Bondi Baths.

My next dream journey from the bucket list has been checked off. Sometimes it is so that a human looks at photos on the internet, then he will go to this place and will be disappointed. However, this place is so unique that it can not be described. This photogenic miracle is located on the eastern edge of Bondi Beach and is part of the Bondi Icebergs Club complex, which houses one of the most popular restaurants in the city. The pool is over 100 years old.
„Boondi” in Aboriginal language means „noise caused by a wave”. The crashing waves of the ocean regularly pour into the pool, causing amazing visual effects.”

– Monika Polkowska