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M&Msy w podróży / FUJI

Monika and Marcin, a young couple who are not afraid to fulfill their dreams. UW graduates cast everything and moved into the world, and the journey that was supposed to last six months turned into more than two and a half years. They visited 24 countries, traversing them mainly by hitchhiking, and in particular by integrating with local communities. The main motive of their trip was that the goal is not the most important, and the road to it and this road was the greatest adventure and dream come true.

"Geting hold of the Mount Fuji in Japan. The mountain, or actually the volcano Fuji, is a peculiar symbol of Japan.

This is a particularly important place for the Japanese, Shinto followers who consider the mountain to be holy. What’s more, it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural heritage object, which is why many people decide to reach its peak. The official climbing season is quite short because it lasts from July to August, because the rest of the time the top covers snow. We drove there at the end of August, counting on slightly smaller crowds, and additionally we went to the summit at night to admire the sunrise. It was an amazing experience, firstly conquering the mountain with a height of 3776 m.n.p.m., moreover, observing the awakening of a new day in the country of a blossoming cherry.”

– M&Msy w podróży