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Marina Furdyna / CORLEONE

It seems that her grandfather was in half Gypsy, so probably because she can not sit still. She loves to photograph and be on the road, because for her it is synonymous with being free, and that is what she values most in life. She runs the blog www.marinafurdyna.com

"Corleone conceals many secrets and legends, the inhabitants are closed, and the walls have seen many things. This is the most mysterious Sicilian city!

I do not think anyone needs to explain why Corleone attracts tourists. However, there are no signs of mafia, because the inhabitants took to heart the famous saying ” noi non parliamo di mafia ” (we do not talk about the mafia). However, you can satisfy your hunger in the most interesting CIDMA museum – photographs by Letizia Battaglia, or mafiosial court files that cause goose bumps even in the largest tough guys. As a frequent visitor to the town, I recommend first of all: climb Torre Rocca Soprano with the ruins of the 9th century Arab tower, from where we have a view of the entire city and the mountains surrounding it, outside the summer season take a bath in the Cascata delle Due Rocche waterfall and try to visit all churches, and there are more than a hundred!”

– Marina Furdyna