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MagnesZpodrozy.pl / RIO DE JANEIRO

Magnes z podróży is a blog of a tourist in Wielkopolska, which diligently implements its travel dream list. His author claims that she was born not where she should be – in love with Italy – the kitchen, the country, people. The biggest dream – black, wild Africa, is still on the list. Collects magnets. They form her own map of the world, and in this real love she dunks another pin of the visited place. Without traveling, it can not live and this addiction can be seen on magneszpodrozy.pl

"First association with Rio de Janeiro? I bet you will say Copacabana, Christ and the Sugarloaf Mountain. But for me the most memorable was the capture of Morro dois Irmaos and see the most beautiful view of the world, the most beautiful panorama of the city.

The entrance to the hill leads through the favela, dense tropical thickets, all the time uphill, narrow paths, sheltered with rocks, with tamarynas above their heads. Sometimes the body spoke a stop, you could not make it, the heat and humidity gave the bone, but what the eyes saw, made up every step, every drop of sweat. The views were breathtaking, although it is missing when you walk in, but the amount of endorphins that strikes us on the top gives a feeling of traveling fulfillment. Be sure to discover this place while in Rio.”

– MagnesZpodrozy.pl