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Łukasz Adamik / MOUNT POPA

Author of the blog W podróży życia and a popular Instagram profile about travel-related. In love with Southeast Asia. Hungry to the world, fascinated by people, monuments and nature. Enraptured with Burma and its history and totally in love with Indonesia. He can not imagine life without exploring the world, and on each trip he comes up with the idea of several more new trips. He returned from an eight-month journey through Asia just to … buy a return ticket.

"One of the amazing places in Burma located 50 kilometers from Bagan is Mount Popa (Mount of Flowers) - an extinct volcano at 1518 meters above sea level at the top of which is the Buddhist monastery of Taung Kalat.

The Burmese believe that this place is inhabited by the 37 most powerful Nates, or (most simply translating) ghosts. Most of them were once people who died a tragic death. Faith in Naty goes back to the very old times – before Myanmar appeared in Myanmar Buddhism faith in animism was common. Mount Popa is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Burma. You enter the peak after 777 stairs, passing many chapels in which pilgrims pray. From the top there is an amazing view. When visiting this place, avoid clothes in red, black and green, and do not take raw meat with you – because you do not want to anger ghosts.”

– Łukasz Adamik