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Klaudia Grabarczyk / NANCY

In love with the Polish coast and Luxembourg, professionally recruits and selects employees @ K&K Media Consulting

"Nancy is famous for the objects associated with the Polish king Stanisław Leszczyński." From a small provincial city, he created the real capital of the region, which, thanks to one of the most beautiful squares in Europe - Place Stanislas is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the 18th century, the father-in-law of Stanisław Leszczyński and the king of France, Louis XV handed over the Duchy of Lorraine to him. Ex-king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, he proved to be a perfect patron of arts, a talented urban planner and a perfect manager. Thanks to Leszczyński, they were created in Nancy, among others the baroque Church of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours and Stanislaus Square, where his monument was unveiled in recognition of merit. The king also began collecting library collections, initiating the creation of a city library. After his death, the city was finally incorporated into France. Another well-known Polish resident of the city was the November Insurrectioner, Marcin Rojewski, who worked as a teacher at the Polish School and conducted charity work. In 1988, the city was visited by Pope John Paul II. Walking through the streets of Nancy, I have felt so much satisfaction that I am a Pole!”

– Klaudia Grabarczyk