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Kasia Tutko / SPAIN

Travel is my biggest passion. I also like to write, take pictures and read books about psychotherapy. For 2.5 years I have been running a travel blog polaczkropki.pl. My favorite country is Spain, but high on the list is also the USA. My favorite form of travel are roadtripy. I prefer to spend time in the bosom of nature, but climate’s townships are not alien to me. She travels even when I have little time, and „city breaks” are the best here.

"I have visited Spain in many different ways. I lived six months in Madrid, where I discovered this country alone, in a group, with my boyfriend and my family. I feel that I know her better than Poland ;-)

In Spain, I love the sounds of Spanish language, sangrie and pinchos. Although I have already visited a lot of places in this country, the list is growing all the time. I am very impressed with the south of the country, i.e. hot Andalusia. There, I took my first steps in learning Spanish and discovered a lot of popular towns. I am pleased to return to the picturesque Ronda, the mountainous Granada and the tiny Cordoba, where I spent Easter. I am also a fan of the Basque Country. The harsh landscapes, mountainous areas, delicious food and quite a different culture speak to me completely. I also appreciate Spain for this diversity, the eternal sun and an optimistic approach to life.”

– Kasia Tutko