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Kasia & Paweł TheyAway.pl / PERUVIA AMAZONIA

Twice, they threw work to be able to go on several-month trips and fulfill their backpackers’ dreams. Together, they visited over 13 countries in the Americas and they loved this part of the world the most. If you also love long-distance travel, look into their blog TheyAway.pl

"Imagine a trip to a huge allotment, where the green vegetation is a hundred times more lush, everything has spikes or venom and the ants look like enlarged by a magnifying glass.

At night, the sounds of insects do not give you sleep and in the morning you are awakened by a sound reminiscent of a jet plane – it’s just an outsider announcing the occupation of the territory. That’s what Amazonia is! In the Tambopata reserve in the Peruvian part of the Amazon we spent five days and four nights. Thanks to the local guide we managed to see amazing species: tarantulas, caimans, parrots, turtles, monkeys, piranhas and palm trees „going” towards more lit places on growing additional trunks. Nature has shown us in the Amazon its beauty and richness in all its glory and we have never felt closer to it. Sleeping in the middle of the jungle without electricity and range, uneven fight with mosquitoes and eating live worms are just part of the adventures that Amazonia gave us. For another dose of emotions, we will surely come back there again … ”

– Kasia & Paweł TheyAway.pl