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Joanna Szreder / THAILAND

The author of the blog The Blond Travels, and the owner of OK English. He currently lives in Portugal, but his thoughts are always in Chiang Mai.

"Over 5 years ago, I went to Thailand for a holiday. Short stay changed my life. I fell in love with this country, people and the tropics.

After a year, I came back again, this time for longer. I lived in Chiang Mai for three years. I taught English there and experienced the adventure of life. Living in Thailand brought further changes. That’s where I met digital nomads and decided to start working remotely. Today I run my own business, I teach English online and I live in sunny Portugal. If it were not for Thailand, actually Chiang Mai, I would not have discovered in myself the passion or the talent to do what I do now. Chiang Mai is my second home for me. I did not live anywhere as good as there. Although this is a very touristy place, you can still find a quiet place here and rent a house or apartment, away from the noise and the hustle and bustle. I appreciate the city not only for delicious food and wonderful, relaxed people, but also for being able to go by scooters to the waterfall or the lake. I miss it the most when I live in Europe – for this freedom that I feel only there.”