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Izabella Sapuła / JAPAN

A psychologist, photographer and photographing traveler. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for her is a man. While photographing during the trip, she tells simple stories whose protagonists are ordinary people. He uses photography as a machine to stop time, which allows to save everything that is real and unique. Her photographic reports from India, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru were shown at many travel festivals, and for several years she has been associated with the Festival of Spanish-language Culture.


"That's what I'm looking for wherever I go, so I'm descending from the trails, I'm invited to ordinary meals often eaten on the floor and listening into to the melodies of unknown dialects.

I know… being a „stranger” I will never know her completely, but for the first time in my life I felt that separating me from her was not just my dissimilarity. This is hidden in the pale faces of a geisha, behind a hygienic mask, a low bow, a lack of eye contact, the fear of unequivocal refusal, a series of likeness and finally a courtesy expression on her face.
A country cracked from the center, overlapping tectonic plates, earthquakes that are everyday but also those bursting the outer crust and finally fractured souls. The country in which the latest technologies are created, and at the same time the only form of serious communication is fax. You will not reserve a restaurant without it, you will not send help in the place of the disaster. Trains covering a distance of 500 km in 2 hours and the plague of burning houses, because the family fell asleep wrapped in a duvet cuddling a table with a heater, the only source of heat in the house. A fascinating story, a magnetizing silence in Japanese gardens and noise-breaking tornrums in Shinto shrines. Mystery… the ubiquitous secret hidden behind the wall of appearances.
People NIKT. in the wave of a silent crowd pouring through the streets, unconscious eyes dead ends, screaming silence in a seemingly perfect order, urgent duty yesterday rush… emptiness and loneliness in closeness… so powerful that I lose feeling…”

– Izabella Sapuła