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Hania Zieleźnik-Rybak / SILK ROAD

Linguist, backpacker, sleepyhead. One day (with one husband and two backpacks) she left the house and hitch a ride on – from that time she goes to the East, until she becomes a sunset, gets along in languages she does not know, tries food that she can not name and dancing to music of street artists. On her blog www.HitchHaning.com you will find adventure, sarcasm, hitchhiking, humor, exoticism and a story – all under one roof, usually under a tent.

"Who among us at the thought of the Silk Road can not see with the eyes of the imagination of long caravans of camels and merchants with dusty desert sand bundles full of precious materials and aromatic spices?

Feel it at every turn, but not the history of the Silk Road itself! Closing my eyes, I see fairs, so different from Iran to China, and everywhere so full of life. I see smiling Uzbek’s women in Samarkand, which by the hand led me to the shiny blue-sandy’s mosaics Registan square. I am thinking of the Hell’s Gate – a huge crater burning somewhere in the middle of the Turkmen desert, over which I pitched a tent, and about the desolate streets of white, marble Ashgabat. About Kirghiz in their yurts and about the lakes that these yurts stand on. And I’m recalling about thousands of cups of tea drunk with almost every person met along the way, from Iran to China.”