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Ewelina 'Zocha’ Bochucińska / SCOTLAND

An economist by profession, connected with IT systems, photographer after hours. However, her real passion is traveling and they make her unable to afford a cat. She is not there, or she is planning another trip. Since she traveled to Scotland 10 years ago, it’s hard to stop. She visited over 35 countries around the world. He always takes his two biggest loves: camera and computer with him, and describes photos and travel experiences on the site spragnione.com, www.flickr.com/zocha and www.instagram.com/superzocha

"There are places in the world to which you come back, regardless of whether the body, whether you think or finger on the map, and as a gift for one week we get all four seasons.

This is Scotland. One’s own diversity of landscape and climate brings into a world full of secrets that he tries to discover at every visit. All you have to do is walk down the streets of Edinburgh, go to Highlands or Skye. However, the greatest mystery is the Loch Lomond National Park, whose route leads between lakes and the high slopes of green or brown mountains. It impresses with peace, nature and size. An unquestionable paradise for a photographer.”

– Ewelina ‘Zocha’ Bochucińska