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Ewelina Thepphaboot / THAILAND

Traveler, photojournalist, creator of Giant Jungle Cocktails and the author of the blog: www.ewelina.thepphaboot.com. She lives in Thailand, where she is never short of sun.

"Thailand is magical, I am always enchanted and delighted.

Since 2012, I combine remote work with travel. I have my entire life in one suitcase, which I change from time to time with my backpack. In Thailand, I was supposed to stay only a few months later to go to New Zealand. However, on the first day I felt that I had found a place I was always looking for. I trusted my intuition and – I stayed. Locals believe that Hua Hin chooses residents. It is difficult to disagree with them. After half a year of living in a place I found when I ran my finger on the map, I accidentally met Pook, my future husband. Travel adventures are able to turn upside-down not only plans, but the entire life so far.

Life in this part of the world is an innumerable stimulus each day that does not allow you to fall into a routine and intensify the internal element of wondering the world. The colors of everyday life, the whole mass of ubiquitous contrasts, fantastic weather, tropical climate, great people with a positive attitude to life, sabai sabai and mai pen rai, closeness of nature, sun rays every day, variety of fruit and vegetables are for me an endless source of fascination and good energy. Travels trigger creativity, stimulate imagination and creative activity. They inspire and motivate to action. Thanks to the fact that I lived in Thailand, I created a new profession, which is certainly the adventure of my life. In the bar I hosted together with Pook, I became a Cocktail Creator and started creating original, more than a hundred twenty centimeters constructions of fruit and vegetable with alcoholic content, Giant Jungle Cocktails. It is worth moving and discovering the world!”

– Ewelina Thepphaboot