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Elżbieta Krzyżaniak-Smolińska / PETRA

“Iron Woman”, spiritual guide, therapist, “fulfilled woman” of 2015, yoga teacher, record holder of Guinness book, winner of Mont blank, two-time finalist of the toughest survival competition in Poland “Selekcja”, author of the therapeutic book “In someone else’s shoes” and fairy tale “Rainbow ghost”. Author of workshops for adults, children and teachers “Awakening consciousness”, “Fulfilled life”, “Meeting with the Rainbow spirit”. She shares his knowledge and experiences by helping people around the world.

"Petra, located in a rock valley, the gorge of As-Sik and the ruins of the city of Nabataeans, which flourished in ancient times, fell on the shoulders.

Not only thanks to the artistry of tombs immersed in gigantic rocks, but also by the extraordinary, highly perceptible energy. In the face of the power of nature and masterpieces created by man, one can see the message of the ancestors: „living in accordance with the laws of the natural environment, everything around becomes deeper sense and expression.” The breathtaking views hide the mass of tourists snapping hundreds of photos. At the very top of the mountain we met a man emanating with extraordinary peace and joy. He lives upstairs in a tent made of desolate canvas for 15 years. He lives from the sale of stucco. After a short conversation with this young thirty-year-old man brought up in a rock city, one could distance himself from the momentum and materialization of the west, suddenly everything that a man chases like that seemed ridiculous. To this day I have this feeling in myself, it appears in me every time I fall into the vortex of striving for a better existence.

I also strongly encourage you to experience the phenomenon which is Petra by Night. This magical event consists of more than 1,500 luminous lanterns, the performance of natives, starry sky – extremely elevated aura and spectacular view. There is a reason why Petra is one of the seven new wonders of the world written as a UNESCO monument, undoubtedly one of the most precious treasures of Jordan.”

– Elżbieta Krzyżaniak-Smolińska