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Elżbieta Krzyżaniak-Smolińska / BOLIVIA

„Iron Woman”, spiritual guide, therapist, „fulfilled woman” of 2015, yoga teacher, record holder of Guinness book, winner of Mont blank, two-time finalist of the toughest survival competition in Poland „Selekcja”, author of the therapeutic book „In someone else’s shoes” and fairy tale „Rainbow ghost”. Author of workshops for adults, children and teachers „Awakening consciousness”, „Fulfilled life”, „Meeting with the Rainbow spirit”. She shares his knowledge and experiences by helping people around the world.

"There are places on earth that can not be described by words. I will bend over backwards to give in few words these extraordinary phenomena which belongs to Salar.

The salt desert in Bolivia and its surreal landscape surprises at the level of every sense. Sunrise on the Salar is second to none. My shadow falling on „slices” of honey carefully assembled by nature from water and salt went on forever.

Incahuasi Island emerging unexpectedly in the middle of a saline lake with cacti, which can boast of a thousand-year life experience, simply knocks off my legs. The Licancabur volcano with a small lake in the crater, lagoons, geysers, so far deviate from what I have seen so far, that it’s not difficult to get a headache.
Silence, uninterrupted, invites you to contemplate. In spite of the fact that, like a child, I was greedily absorbed in the view, however that silence led me to close my eyes and feel all those breathtaking views; in the heart of.
To this day I have this unusual experience and the desire to return to this place. I recommend to everyone from the bottom of my heart to experience it on my own skin.”

– Elżbieta Krzyżaniak-Smolińska