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Dorota Sulima / WEST USA

e author of the blog Ameryka dla podróżnika (America for the traveler), a lover of the Wild West, especially the prairies, deserts and canyons of Utah and Arizona. For 20 years he has been traveling to these regions, he knows every stone, road and path, also the one that is not on the map. On her own feet, she traveled thousands of kilometers on the trails and off the western slopes. She is accompanied by an off-road car, good terrain maps and a GPS device. In the backpack also lands the camera, which documents each journey.

"South-west USA is associated primarily with the amazing nature of American national parks. But there are still places that few people know about,

where you do not meet anyone for weeks and you only have to count on yourself. A place where you cross a wild river, you will bury in the sand to half a circle and half a day you will dig out knowing that no one will come to help you, because nobody just drives there. A place where broken vessels from pre-Columbian times are still lying, and a trained eye will see the arrowheads embedded in the sand. Hardly available Indian reserves hide such wonders of nature that you will not see in any album or guide. A good off-road car and the ability to negotiate with the inhabitants of the reserve will allow you to discover a world that most US visitors can not understand. I would like to invite you to such an America, and the moments spent here are best summarized by the old saying of the Navajo Indians: „Always walk in beauty”.

– Dorota Sulima