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Diana Demi Marszewska & Damian Kuraciński / ICELAND

A couple who have already become engaged in kindergarten. Biggest friends with different characters, however with many common features. Their passion is traveling around the world. Keeping the balance between being abroad and building their home, they moved permanently to Iceland. Authors of a travel & migration blog: naszmalyswiat.pl.

"There was to be a trip around the world, but a short holiday in Iceland completely changed our life plans

This country inspired us so much with its nature that we decided to live there permanently. Volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, fjords, hot springs, waterfalls and peace, freedom and space – you’ll find it all in the Land of Ice and Fire!
In Iceland, we tremendously appreciate how easy it is to explore it. How easily and quickly you can find wild and uninhabited areas where only you and nature count. It is also here for the first time in life that a person has the opportunity to experience completely new things. For us, it was first the Northern Lights dancing in the sky, then the white nights, and then a trip to the interior of the volcano, which we remember as one of the most exciting experiences in our lives. After all, it’s the only place in the world where you can enter the magma chamber! However, Iceland is more than just landscapes and unusual experiences. This country teaches humility, calms down and gives inspiration to make your dreams come true! You do not believe? Go there and see for yourself!”

– Diana Demi Marszewska & Damian Kuraciński