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Dariusz Skrocki / AUSTRALIA

Poznan lawyer, passionate about sports and traveling. A dozen or so years he practiced horse riding, winning medals in regional and national competitions. Currently an avid triathlete. By 2017 he completed 26 triathlon competitions at different distances. Pursuing his travel passion, he visited all continents except Antarctica.

"The Australian views are breathtaking, but the time chased, so when we enter the Gibb River Road we do not even have time to check what exactly the word "road closed" means.

We will find out after 20 km… A regular river flows through the road! Everywhere before, there were depth markers at the recesses, but not here. All possible doubts are included. Is the water deep? Are there holes in the way? Are there stones on the route? And what will happen if the car will stand in the middle and the current will push us deeper? How to leave the car in such a situation, when crocodiles can lurk around? There was only one alternative. Turn back 600 km. But we are cossacks, so we decide to go to the water! A moment of fear and we were on the other side. I do not even try to imagine what would have happened if it had been pouring all night. We would probably be imprisoned between two rivers without food and contact for the world.”

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– Dariusz Skrocki