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Celestyna Król / PHILIPPINES

Freelance photographer. Graduated from Middlesex University London and Westminster University. She had a solo photographic exhibition at „My Life” in the Art Gallery in London. After 8 years, she moved and worked as the Warsaw Cultural Magazine project manager and publishing director of the „Kaleidoscope”. She had her own column about photography in Elle magazine. For the past eight years as a freelancer she photographed for Elle Decoration, Label, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Gala, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Dom & Wnetrze, Weranda and others. She also works as a stills photographer in films, prepares promotional and social campaigns, takes corporate, fashion and family portraits. She is responsible for pictures for 4 books. Active, from Frisbee through snowboarding to Tai Chi, Gaga and contemporary dance. She is crazy about sports, from frisbee through snowboard to Tai Chi, Gaga and contemporary dance. Keen on fashion, street art, industrial design and cinema. Loves kids, animals, TRAVELS and nature.

Instagram: @celestyna.krol_interiors, @celestyna.krol_people


"The whole year is working with a great passion, that's why I want to go to a unique place for a vacation, and that's how we got to the islands paradise.

We have chosen from over 7,000 Philippine tropical islands that have satisfied our desires, from small fabulous beaches in the middle of the ocean, through volcanic fantastic landscapes hiding magical lagoons to vast islands … Calamian, Malcapuya, Siquijor, Bohol and Panglao … Mountains, dense jungles, waterfalls, rice fields, beautiful limestone cliffs, magical beaches, warm ocean water with a blue-green-sapphire color, and under its surface, a wealth of exotic fish and an amazing coral reef. At each step, we discovered new natural wonders. There are not as many tourists here as in Thailand, and the beaches are much more beautiful. You can laze around or spend time actively diving, surfing, kitesurfing or just like we on sea kayaks swimming along the Palawan. The Philippines is a country remote from mainland Asia, so despite numerous influences, they remain a separate unit. Residents are simply Filipinos and are very proud of it. Pleasant, warm and optimistic, they enslave with their smile. Residents are simply proud Filipinos. Excitable, warm, optimistic and they enslave with their smile. You must know the beauty of Philippine nature, swim in the magical lagoons and lie on the amazing beaches.”

– Celestyna Król