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Andrzej Ziółkowski / KAMCHATKA

A traveler, a lover of nature and adventure. He is passionate about nature photography. For many years, he has been trying to reach the wildest places of our planet. He looks into where civilization has not arrived – by canoe, pontoon, horseback … as it is possible. He crossed several nice hills, not only European ones, and he was lucky to visit the rivers of Lapland, Patagonia, Siberia, Alaska and Africa. He explored several Norwegian fjords and the magical Lake Baikal by kayak. He was also able to “defeat” the Egingoł and Selenga rivers, for the first time combining the “kayak” lake of Chubsugoł Lake in Mongolia with Baikal. Last year he coordinated the first Polish traverse of Mount Everest!”


"Traveling around Kamchatka is, to a certain extent, a lottery." The weather at this "end of the world" plays different tricks.

In this respect, it resembles a little Norwegian fjords, where there are weeks, during which you can admire only fog, or „savor” the rain. Of course, if the Ghosts there do not favor you. When you are in luck and the sun come out, you have the impression that you are in a room full of unreal murals. The colors seem unnatural and exaggerated. You are convinced that someone has changed them a photoshop. With the fact that the landscape in front of you is one hundred percent natural and yet real. A real paradise for lovers of nature photography.”

– Andrzej Ziółkowski