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Andrzej Ziółkowski / ALTAI

A traveler, a lover of nature and adventure. He is passionate about nature photography. For many years, he has been trying to reach the wildest places of our planet. He looks into where civilization has not arrived – by canoe, pontoon, horseback … as it is possible. He crossed several nice hills, not only European ones, and he was lucky to visit the rivers of Lapland, Patagonia, Siberia, Alaska and Africa. He explored several Norwegian fjords and the magical Lake Baikal by kayak. He was also able to „defeat” the Egingoł and Selenga rivers, for the first time combining the „kayak” lake of Chubsugoł Lake in Mongolia with Baikal. Last year he coordinated the first Polish traverse of Mount Everest!”


"On Altai people come from all over Russia (and not only) to find peace, balance and a new way of life.

In Russia, it plays a part as Polish Bieszczady from the 60’s. As for the experiences that most fall in memory, it is certainly the moment when our companion dies on the expedition – and there were also such cases. The most exciting expedition I have experienced in Irian Jaya – traveling alone in the wildest part of our planet, among the cannibals who continue to cultivate this „custom”. You can say that I fell there because I was not able to achieve my planned goal and barely escaped with life. But the place that got me the most was the Altai. Place that in my world sense magical. Apart from the incredible wildlife, it is a mecca of Siberian shamanism. A source of magic, secrets, ancient cultures and incredible earthly energy.

– Andrzej Ziółkowski