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Aleksandra Siwecka / MJANMAR

At 18, she went to England to study the International Event Management at the University of Brighton. After 5 years, she longed for the sun, she moved to Spain to practice Spanish and try her skills as a translator. From 2014, it successfully scrapes & point out next countries on the world scratch cards map, sailing by passenger ships as a Translator / Resident. In 2016, she ended her adventure with Costa on the Rejsie Around the World, during which she has visited one of the most mysterious places on Earth – Easter Island. She is a huge fan of Australia and New Zealand, to whom she would return without hesitation.

"Myriad is one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia.

In comparison with Thailand or Vietnam, where tourism is very well developed, Myanmar is a shiny innocence ruby on the map (ruby because there are its reserves). After many years behind the heavy curtain, Myanmar finally opened his door for us. Shining pagodas and extremely open and friendly people are the two most interesting features of this place. During my trip to Mandalay I learned about the habits and modest lives of monks (every man at some point in his life becomes a monk, only later time for marriage) and I was very lucky to admire the view from the hill Mandalay.

If you want to visit an authentic place without Hiltons and Sheratons covering the views, I highly recommend Myanmar. It is not known how long it will remain so intact.

– Aleksandra Siwecka