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Agnieszka Ruda / BALI

Economist by profession, firmly embedded in numbers, „absorber” of books and a fan of good music. She has been traveling constantly since 2010. In 2017, finally found her place in the world – the Indonesian island of BALI. A passion for the scuba diver. She loves to sit under water, and watching underwater life is her greatest passion. In Bali, there is a befriended diving center Nemo Divers Bali. She always wanted to travel a lot. The first trip was a desire to break away from everyday life and relieve stress. She bought the tickets, packed and flew to the Dominican Republic in five minutes. After returning she did a scuba diver course and since then she has been developing her underwater passion. Each of her trips is something inspired, for example, in 2011 she flew to Malta after reading the book of Tim Willocks „Religion”. She came to Bali after watching the movie „Eat, Pray Love”.

"Pemuteran is a small village away from the tourist bustle in the northwest of Bali. A beautiful, black, sandy beach dotted with a few small resorts, restaurants and diving centers. This is my place on earth.

Someone wise said that the best feeling on this planet is to feel the peace of the soul. No stress, no fear, no constant meditation – just peace. I feel it there. Bali in the image of most of us is a tourist paradise accessible to the chosen ones. That’s not true. Bali is an ordinary place, ordinary people, living in accordance with their religion and tradition. Bali is a wonderful nature, the sun, but also everyday life strewn with problems.”

– Agnieszka Ruda

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