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Agnieszka Lisiecka & Jarek Nowakowski / ATHENS

A couple of “Sunday” travelers who, under the author’s blog neverenedingtravel.pl, try to spend every free moment discovering the world. They traveled together most of Europe, they were also in Thailand, but they are in love with no memory in Iceland, which they visited 2 times traveling around the island, living in a car, bathing in wild, hot springs and camping in the deserted parts of the country of fire and ice.
Their trips can also be followed on Instagram: @ neverendingtravel.pl

"Anafiotika is in the first place of our subjective list of unknown places in Athens. It is said that it is "an island without access to the sea."

This wonderful oasis of peace is located on Pláka next to the Acropolis. It was created during the construction of the Royal Palace (today’s Parliament) during the time of Otto and Wittelsbach. The builder from the Greek island of Anafi, after working hours at the palace, put up white houses for themselves, keeping them in stylistic known from their home sides – Cycladic – white walls, blue shutters, clear pavements, narrow streets, all clean and very cozy in pick up. We recommend the capital of Greece for a weekend city break!”