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Agnieszka & Krystian / NAPLES

Agnieszka & Krystian are a young couple who have been traveling the world for several years in search of adventures. Their trips are based on mountain tourism and travels around Europe, to which every person with self-denial and appropriate planning skills can repeat. Currently, they combine work with full-time travel and focus on the promotion of local tourism in the region where they come from – Lower Silesia. They are running a travel blog wolnymkrokiem.pl

"Italy is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of many Poles.

Beautiful weather, delicious pizza and seafood, and wonderful views are just some of its strengths. One of the characteristic cities is the capital of Campania – Naples, which can be reached from several airports in Poland. What will that city surprise you with? Surely every one of you has heard of the city of Pompeii and the horrible history that Vesuvius did to its. It is located only a few dozen minutes from Naples. What’s more, we have a personal bond with this city, because it was there, at the top of the volcano Vesuvius we got engaged.
Are you curious what else this city can offer you – underground catacombs, numerous sanctuaries, one of the largest archaeological museums in Europe, palaces and castles… Sounds interesting? We confirm that you can go through this city with Free Step and come back fascinated with its!”